Aomori me away green pastures to town and resutorannkawayoguriinnroddzi.
Approximately 50 ha site in shake for lunch and dinner, barbecue, shop and in-house products, café, golf and hands-on Studio and accommodation and camp, excursion, animal and can encounter and explore.

BBQ / Party

 Ranch wedding

 Currently taking reservations-April opening

 BBQ & Golf

* Prices are incl.
■2018ジンギスカンコース BBQのみ¥2,000/BBQ+パークゴルフ¥2,500

■2018スタンダードコース BBQのみ¥2,500/BBQ+パークゴルフ¥3,000

■2018当店イチ押しコース BBQのみ¥3,000/BBQ+パークゴルフ¥3,500

■2018お魚コース BBQのみ¥3,000/BBQ+パークゴルフ¥3,500

■2018サーロイン付きコース BBQのみ¥3,500/BBQ+パークゴルフ¥4,000

■2018厳選素材コース BBQのみ¥5,000/BBQ+パークゴルフ¥5,500

Food is 1 example. Each plan is equipped with tools. There is menu change depending on stock.

  • Use of barbecue we accept bookings only.
  • Options menu is also available, so please feel free to contact us.
  • We can also bring you drinks. One person we charged 300 yen.
  • Park Golf course regular price ¥ 700 (With tools)

 B... B... Q... drink menu

* Prices are incl.
All you can drink plan (90Part)

Content in the car

 About the Board

All drinks, bring yourPer person 300 yenWe received.
(Ice, cups will be provided)

  • Cans, plastic bottles and other garbage please take you to.
  • Bringing in food, takeout, we cannot.

 Please note

  • In the book....(1Weeks prior to booking)
  • In addition to providing the above set, your budget will correspond.
  • For more information, please contact staff.

 Cavallo party plan guide

Taku piling form and very friendly staff... in sizes from 3000 Yen

* Prices are incl.
Please consult us for menu content, and your budget.

All you can drink plan (10Pax over the 90 minutes.)

* Brand name is specified.
* The photo is image.

 Zhuo Sheng formats cooking party

In a formal setting available. We have a dish for each table.

 Buffet-style party

20Pax is ideal for a buffet-style meal can feel free to over party. Food will be served to your liking.

  • Is a style suitable for piano recitals, concerts and lectures.
  • 120Guests are available.

 Course style party

Little formal, intimate celebration, event, etc are available. We have a dish for each table.

  • Private rooms for conferences, meetings and banquets(2-25 persons)We can provide. Please feel free to consult.

 Party drinks menu

* Prices are incl.
All you can drink plan (90Part)

Content in the car

 About the Board

  • Drink delivery, have included fee ' per person 300 yen "reputation.
  • We ask all passengers please take out the rubbish.

 Restaurant Info

Sales information
* (Closed Mondays) (Monday is holidays on Tuesday closed)

About the ingredients

 Room Guide